AT&T Plans To Debut Its First VoLTE Handset before 2014

By Derin Richardson, Ex-Machina Report Founder

AT&T plans to compete with Verizon Wireless next-gen voice initiative by releasing a VoLTE capable device by the end of this year as well, according to FierceWireless.

AT&T Labs President Krish Prahbu said during the PCIA wireless  infrastructure conference in Hollywood, Florida that the company is “currently in the network testing phase.” It will conduct a promotion-laden launch throughout the first half of 2014.

More importantly, Prahbu mentioned that AT&T will complete its initial LTE expansion by year’s end and is also staged to overhaul its entire LTE network with LTE-Advanced 10 (tech that allows carriers to synthesize two or more bands together to create greater bandwidth capacities and wider channels), though the specific bands to be field tested are still unknown.

Plans to deploy 10,000 macro sites by 2015, known internally as Project Velocity IP,  will fill in the current network coverage gaps.


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