Nexus 5 Camera Rumor Finally Resolved: It Will Not Feature MEMS Camera Module After All


The intensely-leaked LG Nexus 5 will not feature the bleeding-edge camera tech from DigitalOptics but will be an OPPO exclusive instead

By Derin Richardson, Ex-Machina Report Founder

Nexus zealots rejoiced what seemed like a redemption for the disappointing 8-megapixel camera in the upcoming Google-LG flagship, as the log file that leaked last week suggested the device’s camera module would be the Lytro-esque, mems|cam unit by DigitalOptics.

Alas, the Sony IMX179 model number is coincidentally identical to the designation for the camera sensor in the mems|cam, not the unit itself, causing a spate of confusion. Instead, the Nexus 5 camera will employ the same OIS technology found in its cousin, the LG G2, though it will be 5 megapixels less according to the recently leaked LG D821 manual (Update: The manual has since been removed due to infringement claims).


Recently leaked photo of Nexus 5 in the wild.

OPPO, manufacturer of the upcoming N1, was not only the first to order the camera module but subsequently secured exclusivity with the DigitalOptics for it as well, quelling all rumors of any Google collaborations.

This actually a good thing for Nexus enthusiasts as it will keep the cost of the Nexus 5 down, considering the price for the mems|cam is currently $25 per unit.

As for quality, that remains to be seen however Sony camera modules are widely praised for their performance. Thus, there is a high chance that Nexus users will finally have a boasting point besides unlockable bootloaders and multi-carrier support.


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