Moto S Screen Shield leaks, Looks Consistent With 5.2-Inch ‘Shamu’ Display



Latest Motorola leak suggests the Moto S will be the official name of the Motorola device codenamed “Shamu” and not a new Nexus

By Derin Richardson, Ex-Machina Report Founder


Alongside the Moto x+1 and Moto G2, we now have a new contender in the Motorola flagship family–enter the Moto S.


These specs are consistent with the Moto Shamu.

According to some leaked screenshots from TK Tech News, the 5.2-inch screen size looks confirmed, possibly debunking the initial reports of a 5.9-inch monster from weeks prior. Furthermore, the other specs are consistent with the earlier benchmark data from AnTuTu and GFXBench.

TK Tech News also reports that the Moto S is headed to Verizon, alongside an unconfirmed Droid Turbo. Mind you, this is great news for Verizon Wireless customers however this most likely confirms that this is not a Motorola Nexus. It also doesn’t necessarily suggest that it will be the initial entry the Android Silver program, despite speculation from others.

If it is going to feature multi-carrier support like the Moto X (and possibly the Moto X+1), then there is still a chance Motorola is going to be the manufacturing OEM and reference this device for the new Nexus. The LG G2 was on multiple carriers, with the Nexus 5 being its close cousin.

Then again, the LG Optimus G was an AT&T exclusive back in 2012 and was the base for the Nexus 4, so even if the Moto S is an exclusive for Verizon Wireless, there could still be some Nexus relations here.

Don’t count on the device running on Verizon out of the box because of this, though. Google still has a sour taste in its mouth with Verizon concerning the Galaxy Nexus.

Obviously, the only way we will know anything for sure is when Motorola finally holds its conference on Sept. 4 in Chicago, Illinois. Until then, let the speculations run wild.




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