Google’s All-Access Music To Be Rebranded ‘Music Key’; Allows Ad-Free Music Streaming



The All-Access Music service we know and love will soon  change…and for the better

By Derin Richardson, Ex-Machina Report Founder

Google has plans to change Play Music’s All Access soon, both in name and in functionality but don’t worry– all signs point to good things coming!

According to leaked images, this change in service is more like an addition–All Access subscribers will soon be able to stream ad-free music to any capable Android device or PC via YouTube. If you are already a subscriber, then you are good to go!

Seeing as though YouTube remains the single-most popular platform for music, song remixes and general musical discovery, it makes sense for Google to overlap functionality between the two. While Play Music’s “feeling lucky” and “radio station” functions were neat, streaming ad free music on YouTube is just an overall better incentive. Plus, Music Key appears to tailor playlists to your viewing history, making it even more expedient.

With newly acquired New York-based music service Songza just over a month ago, we might see Google also implement mood-inspired “concierge” and/or “time of day” service Songza users enjoy so much.

Right now would be an excellent time to subscribe, if you haven’t already.



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